Prevention: keeping teeth healthy

Our preventative measures help ensure the long-term health of gums, teeth, mouth lining and implants. We have developed tailor-made prevention concepts for children and adults.


Our preventative services include

  • Teeth cleaning and polishing
  • Fluoride treatment for protection
  • Radiographs 

Want to quit smoking?

Smoking is known to be bad for our health but in particular it can cause huge damage to the mouth, gums and teeth. 


Many of the effects of smoking on your mouth are reversible and these will improve after quitting. Therefore it is clear that STOPPING smoking will greatly benefit the health of your mouth as well as your overall health.

Your dentist will assess the health of your mouth and give you advice on quitting smoking and maintaining your oral hygiene. Your dentist can discuss  with you aids to help you stop smoking: for example, you are twice as likely to have success with the aid of a nicotine replacement as you are using will power alone. These products can be obtained by prescription or from your local pharmacy.

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