Teeth Whitening: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Teeth Whitening really work?


Of course it does! The surface of the teeth contains millions of microscopic pores, and over the years, organic compounds from food, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee or tobacco penetrate these pores causing discoloration of the tooth enamel.


Who can undergo the LED Power Whitening treatment?


This teeth whitening process produces dramatic whitening results for any patient who wants to whiten his or her teeth. The treatment is most effective on patients with extrinsic stains caused by food, drinks, or tobacco products. However it is also an effective treatment for teeth with intrinsic tetracycline, fluoride, and age-related stains.

How white will my teeth be after the treatment?


Whitening results can vary depending on the severity and nature of your stains. Your treatment will be tailored to produce the best whitening results possible. Talking to your dentist about your expectations from the treatment will assist him or her in designing an appropriate whitening schedule to meet your individual needs. The system will get your teeth to as white as they will naturally go.
Will it whiten my existing crowns or veneers?Whitening treatments can only whiten natural teeth and cannot change the colour of porcelain crowns, veneers, or composite fillings.

How long should I expect my whitening results to last?


This varies from person to person and depends on your diet and lifestyle, but the effects usually last for about two years. Periodic touch-up treatments are recommended for patients who consume coffee or other staining foods and drinks frequently or who use tobacco products. A regular top up treatment every 6-12 months will maintain that dazzling smile.


Is it safe?


Yes, the treatment is 100% safe. The LED whitening system contains an advanced light filtration system that removes all harmful heat and ultraviolet light, ensuring your comfort and safety and reducing the risk of your experiencing sensitivity during or after the treatment.

After the treatment, how do I care for my whiter smile?


For the first 24 hours after the treatment, a "white diet" is recommended. You should avoid using tobacco products and consuming coffee, tea, cola, red wine and other dark-coloured foods and drinks. Avoiding using coloured mouthwashes or toothpastes is also recommended.

How soon will I see results?


Immediately! There is no waiting around for 2 or 3 weeks to see the results. As soon as you are finished with your teeth whitening treatment, you will look in the mirror (usually with great surprise). 

Is the treatment painful?


It is normal to feel very slight sensitivity after Power Whitening and many experience none whatsoever. This is because the gel we use helps to open up thousands of tiny "tunnels" in your enamel, which in turn allows the dentine to be penetrated (the dentine is what controls the colour of each tooth). After teeth whitening treatment, it takes about 24 hours for these tunnels to fully close and during this time people can experience some sensitivity when breathing in sharply, or whilst eating very hot or very cold foods. However, most people do not experience any sensitivity after the first hour and some experience none whatsoever. A very small percentage of people feel severe sensitivity which can be uncomfortable but will pass without any long term side effects within 24 hours.

Do many people whiten their teeth?


Yes, more than you would imagine. A bright, sparkling smile can make a very big difference to a person´s confidence and self esteem. Studies have shown that people with whiter teeth smile more readily and tend to make more eye contact whilst engaged in conversation. Typically, people will not immediately note that your teeth have been whitened, but they will think to themselves that you are looking very healthy, without putting their finger on why this is the case!

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